Whole Food Tracker


My name is Dorian and I’m designing a food tracking app for iOS. I only found this site today. What an awesome resource!

My app is called Whole Food Tracker and it will be focused more on nutrition, quality and healthy food habits rather than calorie counting. I don’t want to go into too much detail until I’m further down the track, however I’m open to any general tips. I’ve already learnt something that I hadn’t considered, data export.


There are tons of food trackers down there, and the market is, so to say, satiated. What are your differentiating features? Have you performed a competitive analysis? I’m talking about something like this comparison of CRM and Project Management systems.

Hi Dan,

It is true there are quite a few. I haven’t done an exhaustive analysis. I have tried using a few of the more popular ones like MyFitnessPal and Cron-o-meter, and was dissatisfied with them. They all seem to work the same way. I had an idea of how I thought it should be done and went looking for a program that did that. I was unable to find what I wanted, which is why I’m looking at making my own. Since finding this site I combed through the 54 food tracking apps listed in the guide, and still none of them have taken my approach.

That said, I can see the advantage of a more detailed competitive analysis. I’ll add one to my business plan. Thanks for that.