Will Such Patents Restrict Innovation?

Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum, so before I post let me introduce myself. I am a physicist/consultant and am working with neuroscientists and doctors on interesting software and devices within health and wellbeing.

In our research activities we recently came across the following patent:


This was submitted by a VC firm NetScientific. The firm focuses on acquiring stakes in companies and startups within the health care industry.

Going through the patent it seems that they are pretty much patenting the concept of:

  1. Utilising a generic sensor device connected to the internet,
  2. Uploading raw health/physical data to a patient server,
  3. Using the server to perform complex analysis and/or monitoring and
  4. Delivering key decision making information and/or instructions to the users, health care workers and/or devices.

This pretty much encompasses most of SaaS for healthcare, which could potentially hinder innovation in the industry.

What do you think?

Could this potentially hinder innovation in the area at the early stages of this industry, or is this patent not as strong as it seems?

Apologies if I have not posted in the right area.

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Looks like this patent was filed only last year? Should be easy to find prior art?

Also, life might get more difficult for patent trolls this year.