Wireless Weight/Body Fat scale (< $60)

I’m thinking about starting a keto diet (check the FAQ on the right sidebar) and should probably get a scale to measure progress. I’m looking for one that does weight, bodyfat percentage, and is either bluetooth or wifi enabled to connect to my laptop. I’m a programmer, so as long as I can read the data I’m good to analyze/graph it, etc.

I’m having trouble finding a scale that does all three for a reasonable price. The ones I see start at $120 and I only want to spend around $60.

I’d settle for a scale with an sd card I can pop out and copy to my laptop once a week. I guess body fat percentage is more of a perk too. At the very least I want something that can record weight automatically when I step on it.

This device is the best I’ve seen so far , but! The default app is in Chinese, and I can’t tell if it uses bluetooth or wifi (the description mentions both), and I don’t know how to read the data.

You can get a Withings WS-30 for $100. It’s reliable, and has a proper Web API (or CSV export), worth the extra $40.

I’m unemployed, so I’m trying to keep this as cheap as possible.

The only one I’ve seen around that price is this one: https://www.cranesportsconnect.com/ (Sole by Aldi, amongs others) but as I don’t own one I couldn’t comment as to it’s accuracy / easu of use.

Thanks for the recommendation. I ended up getting a regular digital scale from Target instead. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal and a wireless scale wouldn’t automatically sync with that anyway.

Before buying this body fat scale i want to know how it works, can you please explain me???

I am late coming to this forum,and see the question was asked three years ago. Maybe prices have come down since then. A year ago I bought the Greater Goods (aka WeightGurus) model 0375 bio-impedance scale, which reports weight, %fat, %muscle, and %water. You can pair it via Bluetooth to an iPad using the WeightGurus app, and when logging into the WeightGurus website you can export the data to a csv file, which opens with Excel. This scale is available on Amazon today (6/19/2018) for $49.99 plus S&H,

Using Excel, I then multiply weight times %fat and %muscle to get pounds fat and muscle, which is a great way to visualize progress on a healthy diet and exercise plan, especially to see if any corrective action is needed to maximize fat burning while minimizing muscle loss.