Withing Scale users I need your help

I am hoping a fellow Withings Scale WS-50 user can get in touch with me. I am having an issue getting my scale to connect to my mobile device via bluetooth.

It will connect when I go through the set-up process, but when I step on my scale in the morning it is no longer connected or stored as a connected device on my phone.

I was hoping someone would be able to help run through the connection process to check I am doing it correctly and to help me work out any issues.

I hope to hear back from someone, as this is the second WS-50 Withings has sent me as I was having the same issue before.

Any help or support would be greatly appreciated.

contact their support line…

I don’t want to appear negative but I have already done that and they were no use. Taking up to 5 days to respond to a request and then just providing me with information on how to reset the device, which is on there website.

They also sent me a replacement device but I am still experiencing the exact same problem, that’s why I have come here to get some info from someone who has experience of using the device.

I don’t use the bluetooth option. I find their website far more useful… but I guess mine has been setup forever. So I’m probably no help :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably buy a Aria scale now though… Fitbit seems to have better products.

Do you connect through WiFi? I have found Withings customer support to be useless. I am hoping to get a refund and move straight to FitBit Aria scales. I have a FitBit One pedometer and FitBit have the most incredible customer support ever! I can not praise them highly enough for their customer support.

It’s a shame the Aria scales don’t have the air quality monitoring and heart rate monitoring like the Withings scale, it was this additional functionality that first drew me to Withings over FitBit, but if Withings can’t step up to the plate and help me get it connected I’ll have no hesitations switching to the FitBit Aria