Withings body+ vs. Withings body cardio

I’ve been thinking a long about buying a body fat scale. I know they aren’t accurate, but I want to use it for calculating the weekly/monthly average and seeing trends (To see if I’m gaining muscle or losing fat).

The only scale I can find with public API is withings, and they have these two models:

  • Withings body+
  • Withings body cardio

As far as I understand the only difference is that Withings body cardio has pulse wave velocity, to measure arterial stiffness.But will this metric be useful for me? I’m a 25 year old active guy who hasn’t had problems with high blood pressure, but my fathers mother got a blood clot when she was about 50 and now she can’t speak.

I know that it has a high inverse correlation with HRV, which I think I will buy oura to track.

Will I be able to use pulse wave velocity to see if my diet has improved?
Will there be any other benefit to measuring pulse wave velocity?

My goals are:

  • Improve cognition
  • Monitor health

They actually had to remove the pulse wave velocity feature from the Body Cardio model (in the US, at least). So the only additional metric you are getting is standing heart rate (not really useful if you are already using any other wearables to track HR).

That being said, pulse wave velocity is used over time as an indicator of cardiovascular health.

I originally had the Body Cardio, but when they removed the PWV they offered me a refund and I took it. I then bought the Body+ and I believe it was the right choice. Go with the Body+, you won’t be disappointed. (Unless you want an inbuilt battery and an aluminium body, go with the Body Cardio)

Interesting background on the Withings decision to remove pulse wave velocity. Hopefully it will come back in the US.

I live in Europe, where I think they have the pulse wave velocity feature.
Will I be able to make experiments where I for example begin consuming Fish oil (Omega 3) and see if my pulse wave velocity improves?

I’m currently considering buying body cardio, because PWV is available in Europe where I live.
I’m hoping to use it to see if I’m adding to much salt to my food and eating too much meat.
It will be interesting to see how changes in my diet changes my cardiovascular health

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