Working Towards a Dream

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nima Ahmadi and I am Stanford student looking to learn from this community and discuss the issue of fragmentation and lack of standardization in consumer health / data. In my startup company, Bioniq Health, my dream is to build the first consumer health network. Would love ideas and support. Thanks for letting me be a part of this unique online community.


P.S. Posting an almost identical message to 8 different subforums here might be considered spam by some…

Sorry! I was under the impression that in the weigh loss thread for example I could have a discussion about how people with that interest would use Bioniq, and in the general startup trend have a discussion with a totally different crop of people about the business itself unrelated to Bioniq’s use for people with weight loss goals. Disappointed to see some of those posts deleted. If you suggest a better way of brewing these conversations, let me know.

Ideally I don’t need to describe what Bioniq is differently in select threads when I am specifically looking for how QS people with different sub-interests would respond to the same idea / project.