Would you use a quantified self focused lab testing site

Hi everyone!

I’m a licensed CA physician looking to start a company that sells discounted labs (genomics, functional medicine, allopathic medicine, etc…) for research purposes. Talking 20 is nice, but there are so many other laboratory tests out there that are prohibitively expensive without deal negotiation. I am considering a site that has a subscription fee to join and discounted cost on tests. We will offer general explanations of your testing results. If you want personalized medical research performed on your results we will offer that as another option. It will also be a HIPAA compliant patient health record where you can access all of your labs from one place.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? I anticipate a consumer focused health care system in the future where people will want more information and will be able to invest in their health on their own terms.


I’d use it. I have no interest in personalized medical research.

Cool. I’m relatively certain ordering tests for research purposes only voids responsibility for a physician to interpret the tests… which is cool.

Here’s a list of competitive companies in the space…


Yes. This is something that would interest me.

Great idea. Price and ease of use are very important for such things.

So I am a research physician with certain pricing available from LabCorp for research purposes only:

If any of you are living in the Bay Area and are interested in taking part of a non-diagnostic, serial lab testing research study please let me know. The trial would require you to be in SF for the next 3 months and available once a week for lab draws. The goal is to see how specific labs change over time.

I have also attached the LabCorp Cash pricing sheet:

The key understanding here is that these labs would not be ordered for diagnostic or treatment plans but for research purposes only. I can probably get reduced prices from the Cash pricing sheet if you are interested in a quantified self research only lab study.

Let me know your thoughts.

Count me in - I’m very interested in affordable lab results for research.

I’m interested as well. Any updates?