Your movement creates your design!

Hey guys,

we are a couple living between Berlin, Madrid and San Francisco.

We’ve been tracking our movement for a couple of years and with the time we see tracking data as a modern kind of body measurements, which are normally used for custom tailoring.
Last year we had the idea to transform our data into fashion design. One year later we can say, that our movement can create a design. We managed to make our steps tangible. We are really happy about this and want to share our invention with you! :blush:

What do you think about our idea? If you like it, we would be very happy if you would support us! Because with your support it will be possible to continue the project and develop it further.
As a possible reward we offer a hiking day togehter with us. This gives you the opportunity to get to know us and our ideas.

Please feel free to share our crowdfunding campaign!

It is our future goal to mutate the data of our/your choice into your favorite piece of clothing. We or you will have the wide range of unlimited options to chose between knitwear, woven and embroidery. An opportunity of using lasercut and 3D Printing will be implemented in near future.

We would appreciate your opinions, questions and support! Also we will be part of the QS Conference in Amsterdam. So we are happy to meet you there!

and best regards

Thanks, interesting! Can you explain -how- the movement data is transformed into a personalized design? Could you share sample clothing, e.g. based on your movement? Here’s a link to a community on Fashion and Tech in the Netherlands, could be interesting to touch base. All the best, Marcel.

Thank you, Marcel!

This is one of our prototypes. The cuts are created by an algorithm, which combines different facts of steps, calories, distances and their date. The prints are scans of our faces. There are plenty of possibilities to make our every day tracked data tangible again. :slight_smile: (at least in my mind :slight_smile: )

Oh great, thanks for the link!

So you are from the Netherlands? Do you have any contacts to this community?

Best, Franziska

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Thanks! This triggers many thoughts on my side. Questions: (1) Are all shirts unique (2) Do the prints reveal any qualitative statement, about you or your health/mood (e.g. like kudo/smiley, after having an active week). I am indeed from the Netherlands and I am connected to the referenced Fashion Tech community. Best, Marcel.

Hey Marcel,

sorry for the late answer!

  1. All shirts are unique- like every personal data is different and unique
  2. We thought about communication. At the moment it is quite abstract- just we know what the graphic or the print says… we created certificates they show what the data is doing. But it is a good question and thought. We couldnt really decide, if we want that all people can translate the design or if it is nicer to keep it abstract.
  3. We will be in Amsterdam for the Quantified Self Conference in June. Will you be there? We could meet?

Best, Franziska

I’m glad you are coming the QS17 meeting! You will have some shirts with you, yes? I’d like to see them “in real life.”