Zeo Sleep Monitor

I have just done a quick release of version 0.2.8 of the viewer. I had a bug report that it was crashing on some systems on import and found that there was an error that could occur under some circumstances just after import.

As a result I have withdrawn 0.2.7 (and 0.2.6 to be safe) and have uploaded the new version. The only change in this version is a fix to this bug, there is no new or changed functionality.

I would recommend an update for anyone using one of the last few versions


Ok its update time again, this time to the snappily numbered 0.2.9.

Highlights of this release are:

  • Import from CSV - import from either the exported CSV, or the one from the zeo website
  • Revert to saved (if you didn’t like what you just imported)
  • Toggling of marks and marks in multi day view.

Mac and Windows versions have been updated. I have made a linux version for ubuntu, but installers are a lot more complicated on linux, so didn’t want to hold up everyone else for that.


Thank you very much for this !!
My daughter has been using my old Zeo sleep monitor for a few days with new head bands I found in a drawer.
And I was deceived to see the company is now out of business. So your software saved me.
I got the data from the sdcard as-is without updating the firmware or anything.
I use your app in Mac OS X Yosemite, everything works perfectly.
Thanks again !


PS: BTW where can one find new headband now ? I looked on eBay, no luck :frowning:

Glad it is of use to you!

If there are other features you want to see, don’t be afraid to ask, it has got to where it is mostly down to user requests.

For headbands, some people are working on that on a different thread. Have a look at the end of the massive Zeo thread:

Happy new year!

And to bring in the new year, we have Zeo Viewer 0.3.0.

Available at my site at http://www.alienrat.net/software/zeomonitor.html and the usual positions on the website (easiest to follow the links on the page).
If you have installed the windows version before you can just use the update, otherwise use the full installer.

Fixes and modifications for this version:
[]CSV import rewritten to prevent multiple records for the same day
]CSV export has minor corrections found when importing
[]Fixes for people importing in different timezones (than the UK)
]Deleting records from context menu on the date tree works as you would expect and no longer resets every time you change
[*]Time mouse over fixes in positive time zones.
No real new features apart from import, although a few things cleaned up, like the tree.
After this I can start with notes and markers on the data.

Dear woodinblack,

It is with great interest that I have attempted to open several formats of .csv files imported from .sqlite files that Apple iOS pushes from the Diagnostics Email on Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager. However, this Win7-based Zeo Viewer always responds that the file, though opened, has no new data.

Details for my “several formats”: the .sqlite file gives a table that I re-export via FireFox spl manager, giving columns A - AO or “Z_PK - ZSLEEPRECORDSTRUCT1”. Columns AK and AL are the hypnogram and sleepgraph data as TEXT (to preserve the Zeroes).
Any suggestions :huh:

Curious to learn more and utilize this piece of software :slight_smile:


Modified but relevant text left below:

The Zeo viewer imports CSV files generated by the export from the original csv export from the website or the original zeo viewer. I have never seen or used the CSV from the mobile system, or a sqlite file, so I am not surprised that it can’t import it. The no new data just means it tried to work out what days it had, compared to what days it already knew, and it found no new ones. Which is probably because it couldn’t find anything it thought was data.
The only way I can really help is if you could send me a CSV export and / or a sqlite file. With that I can see if I can add an import for the mobile system.

I have now made a build of the sleep monitor that can open the sqlite data that I have and add it to the main body of information. It all appears to work well at the moment.

The problem is I don’t have much data and I don’t have confirmed times of when the data was made.

The Zeo desktop uses ‘unix time’ to indicate time, which is the standard way of dealing with times on computers. The mobile however seems to have a different way of referring to time, which although consistent, is not referenced to the same zero point. The data seems to line up now with the offset I have put on it, but this is only referring to one data set, so it could be completely wrong.

Does anyone else have an sqlite file, taken from a zeo mobile that has at least one record where they can give me the time and date that record began?


I can send you my sqlite database if you could pm me your email address.

Dear Shinew,
Dear Woody,

Were you two able to share more data and get a better understanding of time stamps by Zeo Mobile?
Is there anything I can do to help?


Yes, I have enough to be getting on with. Android is simple, there is enough data in there to read directly, iOS is harder, but I think I will just go with what I have for the moment as it is hard to get more data.

So the only thing slowing me down is getting the time to do it, but rest assured I will get it done soonish!


Thanks Woody, I trust you’ll prioritize your projects with an expert eye for broad yet long-term view.

I’m quite excited to see the data from your (new-to-me) perspective, but I can wait patiently.
Please let me know how I can help reduce friction/costs.

Best this Friday & through the weekend!

I have decided to release a new version of the ZeoViewer, 0.3.1, as always available at my website at http://www.alienrat.net/software/zeomonitor.html

The only changes in this version are for mobile versions. If you don’t have a mobile version and you already have 0.3.0, there is no advantage in updating to this version, although there is no disadvantage either.

Due to updates in the version of QT used, it is not possible to just replace the exe as in previous versions, you need the whole installer.

I do not have a zeo mobile system, so this update has been tested entirely on donated databases, and not many of them either. With those databases it works fine, but it is not the level of data I have for testing that I have with desktop systems, so I don’t have the same level of confidence that I would normally prefer to have.
Zeo mobile uses a completely different way of measuring time and date, and both iOS and Android use different methods from each other

I have had positive reports that the android imports work, I believe they both work, but I have no way of testing that, so I rely on reports from other people as to whether it does or not.

This means if you import your database and it doesn’t come up with the time and dates you are expecting, don’t expect it to be fixed unless you tell me about it, as I have no way of knowing.

I am scratching my head to figure out why some similar device is not yet readily available? I read something about a sleep hat but I am not sure this is anything like a Zeo.
Too bad I waited too long to be ready to buy it.


Perhaps because the one company that did market it went bust?

Not necessarily too late, you may be able to get a second-hand one. While electrodes wear out and cannot be replaced, there are ways to make them yourself if you are prepared to take the trouble (described on Web sites), or you can use disposable ECG electrodes, which can be made to last 10 nights or more (see thread on this site). Make sure that the little black transmitter that clips onto the headband is included.

I bought a bedside one just before the company failed, and bought a second-hand one with transmitter later as backup. Barring equipment failure, the next crunch time is when the transmitter battery wears out - there are solutions discussed here.

I have seen the Zeo mobile device for sale, but I don’t think the mobile app is still available. So if it isn’t what is the purpose of the device?
I guess if I could find a bedside recorder unit like the original, would it still work and record the data? Is the data exportable to a computer program? I am not that tech savy to be migrating files, etc.

Yes it is. This thread you are commenting on is about that program, the Zeo Sleep Monitor, rather than the Zeo itself.

The thread you should read here is “Zeo shutting down: export your data!”, 21 pages long. It discusses things beyond its name. The answer to your questions is essentially “yes” or equivalent, with the details in the thread. Explanation of use of disposable electrodes (which I’m trying to encourage as in my personal and maybe unshared view it’s the best way to use Zeo now), is in post 160 on page 8. This thread deals with software for analysing Zeo data (if you just want to look night-by-night and maybe the average for the last week, plus being woken when not deeply asleep, you don’t need anything, the bedside clock will show you (maybe the mobile app too, I don’t know it). At the end of the night press the leftmost key, then the right arrow key, to get all the statistics of the previous night (time in different stages of sleep and awake, times woken, etc.), then the rightmost key to revert to standard display. Other keys give you the last week’s averages.

The software which is the subject of this thread replaces the original Zeo Web service to which you uploaded your data, to be shown historical data, graphs, analysis, etc.

I would never have bought my Zeo if I’d known the company was about to fail, but am extremely glad I did.

I don’t know much about the mobile device, see the “shutting down” thread and ask questions specifically about obtaining and installing software.

I haven’t seen this specifically mentioned anywhere, but I also haven’t been to every nook of the web either; is the zeo headband the same for the bedside unit and the mobile app? Or better, can I use this viewer to get data from my mobile headband?
Lastly, a slight bit off-topic: is there a way to get the raw electrophysiological data from the headband?? I’ve seen that for the bedside unit but not for the headband…

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Sorry, BsleeperS. The headbands are not interchangeable. I don’t know of any way to gather brainwaves directly from either headband.
I don’t have a mobile so I haven’t used it, but Woodinblack has made his viewer (this thread) compatible with some Android smartphone apps for use with the mobile. See a couple posts up.