Zeo Sleep

Hello out there,

I am new to this community and stumbled across this site after searching for ways to understand how to access data for my newly acquired Zeo Sleep Manager Pro unit. I was hoping someone could guide me through the steps, if possible.

I am not a tech person – just an insomniac who purchased the unit with hopes that someone out there knew how to access data, despite the fact that Zeo is out of business. I took a chance at buying the unit when I found this website. I thought there was a chance of someone navigating me through the process.

After purchasing, I discovered that my iPad will not work with it and my Android tablet doesn’t access the Zeo sleep app. Instead, it downloads something called Electric Sleep – not as impressive (although it states that it is “Powered by Zeo”, whatever that means). I imagine I will need an android device, providing that the Zeo sleep app is still available and works.

Pardon my naiveté. I would greatly appreciate any advice that can get this thing to work.


Hi, you have come to the right place. Unfortunately you will probably have to fiddle around a bit. Here is the most active thread: https://forum.quantifiedself.com/thread-zeo-shutting-down-export-your-data

Thanks loads, Gary. I will read through them and see what I can accomplish. At a quick glance, it appears a bit intimidating. I’ll try my hand at it and see what happens.

Be well and sleep sound.

The zeo app works on android 4.2 and higher; I’ve heard 4.1 can make it work, but I have doubts. I’ve managed to get it on a tablet, but it is designed for phones. The least expensive way to access it would be to acquire either a 4.2 tablet with Bluetooth or get a phone. I bought a used droid x with extra batteries and a charger for about $60 on ebay and the zeo pro works fine. The big problem is that I don’t think anyone has figured out a simple way to export the data, so you are limited to about a weeks worth of data in the phone app (it was designed to export to zeo.com). The far better way to go is to buy one of the bedside units (with clock like control) and sell the pro unless you need to have a mobile unit to use while traveling.

There are simple ways to change the firmware in the bedside unit to export data to a windows computer. I’ve been doing it this way for about four months and it works great. Your big issue hear is the headbands and headband sensors wear out and need to be replaced. They are possible to find, but they are getting more and more expensive.
Depending upon how careful you are, you can get between 100 and 200 nights use out of the headband sensor.

The far more serious issue is the transmitter that holds the battery and Bluetooth and fits on the headband. If and when this lithium-ion battery dies your system dies with it. I have never heard of a way to replace these batteries.

Hopefully someone will start manufacturing a good zeo replacement, because they are fantastic. You can also combine the zeo with an oxygen and heart rate monitor to check for the interaction between sleep stages, heart rate and oxygen concentration. Good luck.