Zephyr HxM & android app "Heart love" for measuring Heart rate variability


Im looking to buy a device to measure HRV (biofeeback for meditation). The Emwave2 or Wild Devine IOM both seem really good, but a bit pricey (229 & 279 USD).

I have found an app for android Heart Love (free) that works with the Zephyr HxM (75USD). I have not found a lot of information about this app so I am wondering if anyone have tried this combo? and what you think about it?

Hi Jonas,

We’ve had experience with the BioHarness in our lab (which is the $400 equivalent of the HxM), and it’s pretty good hardware-wise, assuming the hardware works out of the box (we’re on our third). Any additional features such as respiration, body temp, and data logging are not included in the HxM product, which might provide a more holistic view of how you’re doing. No clue on the Android app, but it’s a simple receive data and display data operation.

Also, in case you were wondering, most chest straps aren’t reliably accurate for HRV even though they might advertise R-R intervals. No published papers yet, but overall it’d be really good to ask for documentation proving that it lines up with EKG data if you’re serious, which I’ve had trouble acquiring.