23andMe Data Analysis Tools

There are 2 tools I’ve come across that will allow you to upload your raw data from 23andMe for analysis:

(cost $5 for them to run the analysis, which is built on SNPedia, but you can scroll down the page and download a desktop client for free)


Genetic Genie
Provides methylation and detox analysis from 23andMe results

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www.dnafit.com now includes fitness and diet reports for 23andMe customers. Seems like they are a leading brand in this field.

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A new option for 23andMe raw data:

Offers a free basic report, or you can purchase the full data and load it into the Windows or OSX software

23andme is back…

… sort of.

the 23andMe that is returning looks very different from the one that went into sleeper mode back then.

Instead of offering real-time information on what genetic research had to say about any disease risk a patient might have, now 23andMe is focusing on giving consumers “carrier status” information on 35 genes that can cause diseases. This is mainly of interest to prospective parents.

The new 23andMe test will also cost $199, double the previous price.

If that’s all they do now, then they’re a direct competitor to Counsyl.

Enlis.com is by far the best publicly-available tool for SNP and whole-genome analysis. Promethease is based off of SNPedia, which is a wiki SNP database and much less complete than the professional databases like dbSNP. Other tools, like GeneticGenie, exist in a gray area of pseudoscience-derived speculation and extrapolations from the alternative health community. Nothing wrong with that per se, but if you want reliable peer-reviewed data be careful with GeneticGenie.

In addition to being one of the only science-based genome analysis tools, Enlis offers a whole range of search and query-functions. For example, you can search for SNPs with predicted deleterious effects to mRNA or protein folding, and filter by genes that are conserved across mammalian lineages:


We have developed an analysis website for Asian. https://www.wegene.com/en

Ancestry and health-related annotation which are optimized for Asian are provided.

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We’ve created a service for nutrigenetics and sport genetics in-depth analysis.


Hi all,

I work for a company called AthGene and they just released their integration with the open API of 23andMe, which lets you discover some more genetic traits within your DNA.
From what I have seen it has the most comprehensive amount of insights mostly in the fitness and lifestyle area (more than 30 new insights).

The good thing is that you can decide yourself what you want to know and what not. If you are interested in knowing how susceptible you are to certain types of injuries or how your muscle is built or just want to know more about your body in general I think it is a neat tool.

Check it out it is for FREE


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Hey you are missing so much more! There is a whole list on this blog which includes comparisons between various offerings, turn around time, pricing and offerings from several companies. Check it out: 23andMe raw data tools

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The genetic genie website looks outdated. I tried Xcode Life https://www.xcode.life/product/ftdna-ancestrydna-23andme-raw-data-interpretation-analysis-tools and got some interesting results.

Here is the list of tool to analyse your 23andme raw data in 2019. Free included.

Xcode Life- Try for FREE
Genetic Genie- FREE
My Heritage- FREE

If you want to know about each tool, you can visit,

23andme raw data analysis tools 2019

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Hi, I’m creating https://bezoder.com - the tool for DNA raw data research. Here’s an intro video https://youtu.be/5iUYZYWySrI
it’s free. its intention is to become a comunity driven website for DNA analysis