List of devices and apps for tracking your insides (PLEASE ADD!)

Hello fellow trackers,

I am composing a list of consumer devices and direct-to-consumer services for molecular-level self-tracking. These types of devices and services, by potentially enabling to track your physiology at the mechanistic level, are the holy grail of QS in my view. But of course it is all very early stage, with only a few products on the market as of today. So I want to get a list going that can be updated as things progress. Here is some of what I have so far, anyone care to share any thoughts or make some additions?

DTC Genomics Testing

DTC protein, metabolite, and other small molecule profiling services

  • Talking20
  • HealthTell
  • InsideTracker
  • WellnessFX
  • - Vitamin D, Inflammation, Influenza, Testosterone, Fertility. Not launched yet, as of October 2015.

Affordable DIY general small molecule measurement devices (i.e. technology that could allow you to do something like what the above services do on your own)

  • Brian Cunningham’s iPhone spectrometer

Glucose monitors with smart device support

  • iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter
  • Dario
  • OneTouch VerioSync Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • C8 Non-Invasive Optical Glucose Monitor System
  • OneTouch Verio Sync blood glucose monitoring

Pulse Oximeters with smart device support

  • iHealth pulse oximeter
  • Nonin Onyx II 9560
  • Masimo iSpO2 IPhone Pulse Oximeter
  • TouchHB

Urinalysis with smart device support

  • Scanaflo
  • uCheck

Wearable blood biochemistry sensors

  • Sano Intelligence