24/7 Continuous Blood Pressure monitoring is anybody interested?


I’m kinda new to the forum and the quantified self movement but find it fascinating. This forum is a wealth of information. I have just started working with this start up which has developed a cuffless blood pressure monitor.

Now we have the sensor working we are trying to figure out how to make it useful. Would anybody be interested in a 24/7 continuous blood pressure monitors? Our current thinking is a discreet comfortable upper arm cuff which syncs with your smart phone to graph your data over time, but we are open minded.

I’d love to hear your opinion/thoughts regardless of whether they are positive / negative / indifferent.



Hey Danny,

It’s definitely always nice to have another tool in your arsenal.

I have a couple of quick questions:
How frequently would it be able to measure your blood pressure?
What sort of accuracy could you expect while moving and doing other daily activities vs the normal procedure of having to remain very still and calm?


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Assuming the device provides accurate data, I think many QSers would be interested in using such a device to conduct short-term experiments/monitoring, but getting a generally healthy person to wear a dedicated BP device 24/7 long term might be a hard sell.

I currently use a Withings blood pressure monitor for periodic BP measurements, but there are a number of single-reading devices coming to market that provide quick readings (by touching to the forehead, etc.) such as the Scanadu Scout (which I’ve had the chance to try out).

Another requirement is access to the data (either via an API or simple data export). Good luck!

I would be very interest and could help you test and validate.
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I’d love to get continuous blood pressure readings over a period of a month or so to establish a baseline, and then again for shorter periods of time every few months.

Like @QuantifiedBob, I’d also have to be able to trust the measurements, and be able to export the data (which is why I never signed with Scanadu, though I might reconsider in future).


Thanks for your interest.

How frequently would it be able to measure your blood pressure?
We are currently debating this so would like to know your thoughts, the main trade off is battery life. Our thoughts are currently every 15/30mins. Would this be enough resolution for you?

What sort of accuracy could you expect while moving and doing other daily activities vs the normal procedure of having to remain very still and calm?
Our aim is to be FDA approved so just as accurate as conventional monitors in the market. Moving around makes this harder, but we are working on filtering out enough of the noise to give a sensible reading.

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basisbreakdown +1 on “It’s definitely always nice to have another tool in your arsenal.”

As a “healthy hobbyist” on QS sleep data, it would all boil down to price.
Your FDA cert goal makes me assume your product will be out of my price

Is the battery (or pack) easily removable to swap in a recharged pack of generic batteries?
Assuming a user can get used to the noise/pressure sensations during sleep, how many hours of use are you targeting per charge?

I will be watching your progress out of curiosity though.

Hey Nanodot,

The product is using near field radar so the person wouldn’t feel any noise/pressure. We are working hard at the moment to figure out the final form factor - apologies for the delay in getting back to you. This will ultimately set battery life. Would a day be practically useful for you?

We are currently looking to start engaging potential customers - would you or other people on the forum be interested enough to maybe have a quick Skype call with us?



Hi Danny,

I’m interested. A more elderly member of my family has over the past year been hospitalised multiple times due to extremely high blood pressure. These are sporadic but life threatening events. I’ve been looking for a continuous monitoring system for sometime now, because of the obvious value of not only having historical data to identify triggers / gap areas where medication isn’t sufficiently managing the condition but to have real-time feedback/alerts to take action (prompt to take a rest or go to the ER).

Right now, the member in question is just monitoring blood pressure manually, and using the polar H7 for heart-rate monitoring. We haven’t found a good solution for continuous (24hr) monitoring for the latter, particularly, how to keep strap moist to maintain long-term contact.

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I know of 3 devices - Finapres, Somnomedics, and Caretaker - All expensive. If you know of something else or want to develop something, please let me know.

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Hi Danny, haven’t heard anything since February about this, but I know there is still strong interest. Any updates?

Hi Ruxi,
Have you tried electrode gel on the polar H7 strap to improve conductivity? I used the Spectra 360 electrode gel for overnight heart rate measurement and found it significantly reduced the missed heart beats. I also used a compression shirt to maintain contact.

I saw this new product on Indiegogo - looks interesting in that it’s a wristwatch but has an inflatable cuff under the band. I don’t know much more about it but thought I’d share…