Beddit 3

I just saw that the Beddit 3 came out a few months ago. I got a new mattress and haven’t transferred my old Beddit to it. I’m wondering if the new model is worth an update.

In particular, I’m hoping that the automatic tracking is better. I’m interested in how well the environment tracking works.

Has anyone tried it? How does it compare to the Emfit QS?

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I’m curious about this too — esp re: beddit vs emfit. Any experiences?

I would also really like to hear more about the emfit QS (or the Oura Ring?)

I’m currently using a FitBit Charge 2. It works ok. The device seems to have no way of differentiating between me laying down or sitting still and being a sleep – I tend to watch an hour or 2 of TV before bed and I often lay in bed after waking up, which artificially boosts my sleep time by 30m to over an hour, so I’m constantly editing the logs.

Wow, ive never heard of beddit. Looks really good. Is this the best sleep tracker like it?

One advantage of the Emfit QS is that it measures HRV. I don’t think the Beddit 3 does this.

Danielle Roberts, an artist in Netherlands, has been doing some interesting stuff with her Emfit QS. She’s working on a visualization of her sleep data that she calls “Sleep Galaxy.”

Here are some of her posts on it:


I emailed Beddit. The Beddit 3 does not have HRV

The excel export has it, but it’s not in the app or webapp.

I’ve had mixed experiences with the Beddit 3. Tracking has been patchy. The automatic tracking function is also redundant for me as it thinks I’m asleep whenever in my bed reading/just lying down. Also has a really annoying habit of muting the sound on my iPhone so I can’t listen to music/podcasts when going to bed. I’ve switched to the Autosleep Apple Watch app and just given up on it now.

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Hi, I would prefer Emfit QS for its HRV and recovery data. Also the sleep classification is better and more accurate.

According to this page
Beddit has now been acquired by Apple. I wonder what they plan to do with it?

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Not being able to listen to podcasts would be a big negative for me too.

Love the Beddit got it a few days ago. Do I have to manually enable if I sit in bed a lot and read?

Hopefully @mulhollandQS can address this. Seems like a big issue with automatic sleep tracking functions.

I just found from experience that it would often confuse reading time with sleeping time if let on the automatic setting and so instead I had to switch to the manual mode which kind of defeated the whole purpose of the device for me. Might be a little better if you sit upright when reading and keep your heartbeat away from it but I tend to lie down which set it off. Have found wrist trackers to be far more reliable, if a little cumbersome and weird.

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I’ve been using the QS Emfit for over a year. It detects watching TV in bed as light sleep.

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Beddit 3 is really nice app. I found it very useful and really liked it. Firstly it detects almost everything from sleeping to eating. Moreover, the calorie counter is fantastic. I am soon posting a review of it after using it long term about 5 months.

Just to add to some comments about HRV. ŌURA ring tracks your both sleep and night-time HR and HRV. It also tracks temperature deviation.

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