I will start relating my dream cycle with the stories that my brain creates every night. Is anyone else interested in tracking this down?


Can you say a little more about what you mean? I’ve tracked my dreams in the past, mainly just whether I remember dreaming and some notes about the content of the dreams and possible connections with my waking thoughts. Is that what you plan to do?

I hope you write your dream stories into something like evernote and then do some statistical analysis of the content and topics. Maybe even compare it to your journal entries. Do some social network analysis of the people who show up in your dreams and real life using a program like gephi.

Probably too much, but anywho. Yes, I’d love to see a quantified selfer present some dream analysis. Regardless of what the project entails.

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Chat GPT has prompt entry limits but it doesn’t seem implausible that I could use some service to extract dream descriptions and discussions from my fairly voluminous journal entries, or to identify people and place descriptions from dream related entries.