Has anyone made experiments with PPW "Pulse wave velocity" and diet?

Has anyone made any experiments and seen changes in “Pulse Wave Velocity”? I’ve heard that it should be a good predictor of cardiovascular health.

Has anyone tried measuring pulse wave velocity and making experiments to improve it?

Is it a useful metric?

conventional cardiovascular risk factors.[6][7] It has been recognized by the European Society of Hypertension as an indicator of target organ damage and a useful additional test in the investigation of hypertension.[8]

Clinical methods

Clinically, PWV can be measured in several ways and in different locations. The ‘gold standard’ for arterial stiffness assessment in clinical practice is cfPWV,[3][4] and validation guidelines have been proposed.[25] Other measures such as brachial-ankle PWV and cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) are also popular.[26] For cfPWV, it is recommended that the arrival time of the pulse wave measured simultaneously at both locations, and the distance travelled by the pulse wave calculated as 80% of the direct distance between the common carotid artery in the neck and the femoral artery in the groin.[3] Numerous devices exist to measure cfPWV;[27][28] some techniques include:

use of a transducer to record the time of arrival of the pulse wave at the carotid and femoral arteries.
use of cuffs placed around the limbs and neck to record the time of arrival of the pulse wave oscillometrically.
use of Doppler ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging to record the time of arrival of the pulse wave based on the flow velocity waveform.

Newer devices that employ an arm cuff,[29] fingertip sensors[30] or special weighing scales[31] have been described, but their clinical utility remains to be fully established.

Current guidelines by the European Society of Hypertension state that a measured PWV larger than 10 m/s can be considered an independent marker of end-organ damage.[8] However, the use of a fixed PWV threshold value is debated, as PWV is dependent on blood pressure .[14] A high pulse wave velocity (PWV) has also been associated with poor lung function.[32]

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I have heard its possible to use EKG to PPG at finger distance too but again not clinically validated. Also “highly reproducible” sounds like it doesn’t change very much from day to day.

There’s been some, but not extensive, discussion of Pulse Wave Velocity in other threads:

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