How to find all major volunteer bioscience projects I can partake in?

So I’d REALLY REALLY like to hear about these projects before they no longer take volunteers anymore, and keep on missing the deadlines because I have no pipeline of data. Does anyone know if there is a way I could be informed of them?

Here’s a list of them:

  • Personal Genome Project

  • Human Connectome Project

  • BGI Cognitive Genomics

  • Human Gut

  • Leroy Hood’s 100K Wellness Project


  • Baseline Study (from Google’s Human Moonshot)

  • Human Longevity (it’s going to sequence the genomes…sometime…)

I’m already enrolled in the PGP (and BGI Cognitive Genomics), but the data I get isn’t much. I missed the deadline for the Human Connectome Project. I also missed the deadline for the first phase of Leroy Hood’s 100K wellness project (though I might be able to get in subsequent phases). Still, it’s personally very important for me to quantify as much as I can. Does anyone know of any other way to find projects like these?

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HLI launched HealthNucleus last week:

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Please see my post in the QS general list
“Reviewing consumer diagnostic testing - the people’s consultant”

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I know this question was initially asked a whiiiile back. So I wanted to bump it up again and see if anyone knows of any other currently recruiting projects?