How to find perfect job using psychometry

Hi Everyone,

Few week ago I asked via this post how to measure motivation and work flow. My goal was to find out what type of activity(-ies) excites me the most so I could follow it. Through the great feedback in the comments I realized that my question was not really coherent with my true need that is:
How to measure yourself: find talents, abilities, knowledge, preferred work context and so on and match it with the job position(s) I’m best fit with. I can image how broaden this topic is and I can image how many people wanted to do it before me without a success but I want to give it a try with your help. Especially that I can find that many people also crave for such an answer - if they don’t “feel” what kind of activities they want to do the most than maybe there is another way to find that out.

In other words: have you ever tried to find your perfect job not with your intuition (and heart) but just raw data (and mind)?
If not - do you have an idea how to do that? I’ve tried to google for some tips/tools on that matter but without a clear answer.

What I’ve done so far is mainly related to psychometry (data analysis based on psychological entities). What I need is 3 factors:

  1. occupacions list along with metadata (titles, alternative titles, tasks, work context, required skills, abilities etc)
  2. personal measurements (of skills, abilities etc)
  3. kind of map layer on the two above

1: The only thing I’ve found is the site where there are around 1000 occupation and each contains multiple metadata (alternative names, required abilities, skills, work context etc). Great data source. Everything is shared via website or accessible database.
2: personal measurements (of skills, abilities etc) - there are psychological tests but I can find most of them are far from providing all required information. But maybe combining results from multiple of them I can gather all information I need. So far I’ve found only 2 useful tests: Interest test (based on Holland model) and Gallup Strengths Finder Test
3: Mentioned above Interest Test is already mapped to onetonline database but any other tests (like gallup) need to be done manually.

I’ve done gallup test for my own and now I’m going to map it to onetonline database.
If you have any ideas/thoughts/experience - please do share. If you see my idea is unneeded or is a utopia or whatever - please share it too. I’m not alpha omega so may be wrong in the fundaments.

Looking forward for your input and advices,

For now I’m experimenting with myself but if I find desired information I would like to spread it out so anyone can use it for their own help. The topic of “which job should I take” is really needed in my opinion - many people of any age (not only teenagers but also adults) occured moments in their life where they need an answer for such question (on different reasons like: new to job market, they burnout, they have to find new job etc) and the job market is now evolving in so big pace that…using your limited intuition (to what you experienced or know about) will be not an option in the future.

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This is a very interesting topic. I wonder if you would have more luck researching this with “psychometrics” rather than “psychometry.” A quick test seems to indicate this would put you closer to what you’re looking for.

Could you be more specific on what kind of quick test have you done (Google? What query?)? Some tips on what to look for will be helpful too. Sorry but I’m at reading between the lines :slight_smile:

Sorry, yes, I just tried a few things on Google and Psychometric returned many results closer to what you were looking for. I don’t have special knowledge, and will follow here to see what you find out - I’m sure it will interest others.


Interesting post, thanks for sharing!
Not sure about the test results, the questions seem superficial. I think it is quite hard to determine the perfect job this way. But its good to realize that someday such tests would be improved and it will show very close results to reality.

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