How to get all PAST events from ALL my Google Calendars into Google Spreadsheet?

I have multiple calendars for tracking how much time I spend in each part of my life.

How can I export all my PAST events into a Google Sheet?
I’m trying to do it now with coding, but it takes so long because I’m only taking 1 event each second to avoid over using their API.
Can I just download all events somewhere and put them in my spreadsheet?

You can use Google Checkout Takeout to get an export of all calendars, and then you can maybe use your slow 1 event/sec method to keep it up-to-date (since Google Takeout is a very manual process).

It looks like Google Checkout is for payments?

How can I use this to export all my Google Calendar events?
Can you send a link with a tutorial?

Sorry, my bad, it’s “Google Takeout”: