I wrote an open-source app to track everything. It draws nice charts

I wrote an open-source app to track everything. It draws nice charts.

Here you can see my data for the past 6 months:

Here you can download a version for Android

Or the source-code to run it in Windows/Linux/Mac/iOS:

This took me quite a while - what do you think?

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Neat! Looks like you collected about half a year of data? What was your motivation? Have you tried to gain any insight from the data?

My motivation:
I always wanted to see and quantify what I did. I wanted to see if it makes a difference when I ate a supplement. I wanted to know how much I worked out and if it has an impact on my weight or sleep or well-beeing. And I want to know what causes my headaches - maybe I can prevent or foresee them…

What I now have… is wonderful! I have a SQLite database on my computer and can ask questions like: how much do I sleep in average? And in January? How often do I drink alcohol? Does it impact my sleep? (yes it does!) I was able to rule out a few possible causes for headaches. Magnesium may help to prevent it.
The app is also a convenient place for me to track my time spend at work, the fuel consumption of my car, the times when i cut my hair… and so on.

What I learned about tracking:

  • For subjective measurments: Don’t use a scale from 0-10. Use 0-5! (You probably heard about that our brain can handle up to 7 items much more easily… its true for me).
  • If you forgot to track something - go on tracking, don’t stop.
  • I would immediately buy one of those great tracking-devices - but none of them lets me get my data the way I want it. All of them have something like “We may sell all your private information to the devil or other insurance companies. But not to you” in their TOS.

Can you give an example of a service that allows that? Many (but not all) services allow selling anonymized, aggregated data (which you may also disagree with), but I can’t think of an established service that would have anything quite that bad in the ToS!

This is a fantastic little app, I’m very impressed. I didn’t even know Kivy was a thing…

Looking at the source code, It’s pretty messy and could use some refactoring / modularization, but I definitely see potential. Do you plan to continue developing it for a wider audience, or just keep it as a personal project?

Thank you!

…yes the source code could use some refactoring, until now it was only for me and my log. I will continue to include features for me. I don’t know what happens if more people would use it… but to make it beginner-friendly I would need to invest more time, which I don’t have. But if anyone wants to help - you’re welcome!