Directory of "track everything" apps

QS forum members, please add here tracking apps that you’ve used or developed. There have been quite a few announced on the forum over the years.


Some mobile apps for general-purpose logging: Trackthisforme, Nomie, KeepTrack.
seems like an interesting website too.

I still think that your personal Excel speadsheet is the most FLEXIBLE way of tracking everything - especially when it comes to correlating and choosing what Data you want to input. The only drawback is that you have to input everything manually, but with most apps having csv export nowadays, it’s a piece of cake job.

Anyone doing this as well? I am considering creating a template so that everyone can use it, together with automator/ iftt workflows for downloading/ importing CSV files.

Still in development, per my earlier post: BioMetrIcs: Beta test a new Android app

Bowel Move for android is very good. I wrote scripts to analyze the data.