Is Oura's sleep detection still a joke in 2024?

I’ve been having my doubts about Oura for years, and they were confirmed several times, but I kept having faith in the product. With advances in machine learning, I figured actigraphy (basically motion detection) might actually be good enough for at least detecting significant wakeup events. But it’s not.

Today Oura told me it detected “No significant movement during” my sleep, even though I remember clearly waking up and seeing the clock indicate 9:30 as I went to the bathroom and back.

Here is my comparison for the latest ring and sleep algo version against multichannel EEG. It is improved since ring v2 and old algo, but still far from EEG, especially for deep sleep (at least in my case)


I’m not the only one who goes to sleep at 3 am!

Hopefully you’re also not the only one who has really fun nights once in a while :wink: