Metriport - Track, visualize, and gain insights into your personal data

Hello Quantified Self community! :wave:

I’m Colin, a co-founder at Metriport, and we’re building what we hope to be the ultimate Quantified Self tool. We set out to create the most advanced, yet simple to use ‘Personal Data Dashboard’, which bridges our passions of mental and physical health, fitness, productivity, privacy, and data science together. We launched our app at the start of 2022, and have been pushing regular updates with new features ever since.

How does it work? Metriport lets you track and visualize your personal data, integrate with external data sources (such as wearables, weather, etc), and ultimately gain actionable insights into your wellbeing. We have unique features such as support for fully custom trackers (with configurable chart/data types, icons, colors, etc), and the ability to get correlation insights between any two metrics, for example. For our personal use cases, we built this to find out how things such as caffeine intake were affecting our energy levels and resting heart rate, or how migraines may be influenced by atmospheric pressure. This being said, the sky is the limit on what other things you may want to track and discover in Metriport!

We also store all data encrypted locally on the user’s device by default, as we ourselves are privacy freaks. We believe individuals have a right to own their own data, without having to worry if it’s being sold to third parties. This is especially important when it comes to mental and physical health data. You can import, export, and delete your data at any time.

We’re just getting started with Metriport, and we wanted to share it here as the Quantified Self community is exactly the type of community we had in mind for our app. Have any features you’d like to see us develop? Curious of what things you could use Metriport for? Let us know! We’re always looking for feedback to make our product the best it can possibly be. Please feel free to reach out to us on this forum, or connect with us in any of the following ways:

We ultimately see a personal data dashboard being something crucial to everyday life in the near future. As the smart device space expands and becomes more accessible, and health/wellbeing become increasingly important topics in society, we aim to make Metriport a household name for all personal tracking needs.


I’d like to import from other apps besides apple health. It sees like too many hoops to jump through.
Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi Lonnie,

Thank you for the feedback! We’re actually actively working on integrations beyond Apple Health at the moment. Out of curiosity, which apps in particular were you looking to import from?

Metriport Rocks :slight_smile:

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How advanced is your stats approach? Do you use ML like multiple linear regression?

Congrats on the launch! Metriport looks great, I’ve just sent Dima an email, we built something similar internally at Vital, and would love to share some of our learnings!

We are currently using linear regressions for our correlations feature, but we plan on expanding on our ML capabilities in the near future, with predictive analysis.

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Thank you Maitham. We just reached out to you, looking forward to discuss more with you!

Hi Colin,
I currently use My Fitness Pal, Fitbit, Map My Fitness and