Mood disorder?

The last few months I have been suffering from depression and loss of motivation. I tried meditation, it helps, but after a couple of hours everything returns. I found an article about a mood disorder.
So, I am wondering if someone has such problems?
Could it be a possible mood disorder?

Hey Hugh,

If you aren’t able to get lasting relief then I’d definitely check it out with a professional if you can. You deserve to enjoy your life and mood disorders are not generally something you want to leave untreated. Beginning treatment for my own mood disorder has made a huge difference in my life.

Has anything else changed in the past few months? (If you are a self-tracker this would be a great place to see if there are correlations between mood and anything else) After we moved my depression and anxiety flared up in a BIG way. I noticed that my nutrition also took a big hit and we were going out to eat a lot (I track these things). In addition to consulting Western medicine, I experimented with trying to improve my nutrition. We prioritized getting our kitchen set up so we could cook at home again. As my nutrition improved I began feeling more settled and found that feeling to really help with my anxiety overall.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you find something that works for you. Best wishes on your journey.

“Depression and loss of motivation” can have many different causes, some with simple solutions, others less so. Meditation may help in some cases, but usually isn’t a quick fix. Like @allisonkpkt said, consult a mental health professional, and don’t try to self-diagnose yourself on the Internet!

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