Personal Dashboards for Self-Tracking Data

Hey Alexey!
I love what you’ve done with your site. I’ve been building my own but was blown away by your functionality. Would you be willing to share the source code with me?


your video on youtube is set to private… any chance we can see it?

I can’t figure out which channel I put it on… and can’t find the video…
But I pretty much say the same thing as I do in the post, so there is not much more to see :slight_smile:

This is cool, what devices are you using for tracking this data?

My friend and I recently released a free tool called Metriport that’s exactly built around the concept of a ‘personal dashboard for self-tracking data’. With Metriport you can track anything, integrate with Apple Health & Google Fit, and discover correlations between the different things you’re tracking.

We’re just getting started and would love to get feedback on our product from the QS community!

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I installed the Metriprt Android app, and was impressed.

The onboarding went smoothly. Obviously you care about UX, and the polishing you’ve put into this app shows!

I’m not an experienced QSer, so I can’t compare your app with other solutions in this space.

I did get confused at the very end of the onboarding sequence, when it was prompting me about Factors. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but eventually I clicked on a button that allowed me to continue, and finish, the onboarding. On the home screen I was able to figure out what was meant by Factors, and they look useful.

These are my first impressions, right after installing the app.


I’ve been using Metriport for the last week or so and it definitely fills a gap. Purchased the lifetime Pro upgrade and I’m looking forward to exploring the correlations after the 10-day minimum wait.

@metriport I’d love to see widgets for single numerical entries, so that I can take one screen for my android device and dedicate to logging frequent items (e.g. a single button to track number of cups of coffee etc).

I’m using the Fitbit Sense to track my sleep and I’m looking to see how I can extract my app usage data to see if I can spot any correlations between my sleep and my usage of Instagram/Twitter etc. Seems like there’s a long way to go before we get elegant interoperability between different data sources.


Hey that looks great. Are you connected to wearables ?

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Not yet but those are definitely some integrations we plan on building. We’ve actually launched and you can download and trial the product at Feel free to shoot me a message at if you want an extended trial or have any questions!

Thanks very much for the kind words and feedback! Also, apologies for the late reply. First time posting on this forum, so we missed all the notifications.

Noted down your comment about Factors during onboarding, we’ll make sure to look into how we can make the purpose of Factors more explicit for new users.

If you have any more feedback or anything else for us, please feel free to connect with us in the following ways:
• Our community on Reddit
• Our community on Element (similar to Discord, but privacy-focused)
• Shooting us an email

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Very happy to hear that you are getting use out of it, and our apologies for the late reply! We missed all the notifications here as it was our first time posting.

Regarding the widgets for single numerical entries, I can see you’ve already found the items on our roadmap:

We definitely still have a long way to go with interoperability between different data integrations, but will be expanding on this significantly in the near future. Noted down the possibility of screen time on different apps, would be interesting to see how that affects sleep for sure and we’ll give this some thought. Would be great to chat regarding any further suggestions/ideas you have going forward, so we will make sure to keep in touch!

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Answer @agaricus
Platform risks assessment.
There is a stable world trend - the protection of personal data.
The sale of button phones is increasing.
Probably 50% of consumers of mobile devices will be indifferent to the safety of their personal data
However, an increasing number of consumers begin to protect personal data.
Promising solutions should store all data on the user’s devices and protect them with encryption.
The use of blockchain in startups is expensive.
Rarely, anyone in this forum mentions the safety of services.


Hey all! I’m one of the folks building Cambrean - we’re building a biometric home for everybody. Think of it like a wallet for your health data.

We’re focussed on figuring out why your metrics are changing through centralizing both contextual & biometric data. I’m happy to chat with anyone who is interested in trying it out.

DMs open

Hi everyone,

I’ve always been impressed by the tools and dashboards that Quantified Self community have built to track and understand themselves. Like many of you, I’ve also tried building my own tracking and journaling tools for my mental well-being, but I found the process of tracking to be tedious. I believe that tracking should be effortless, like using Agaricus’s one-button tracker (thread) or a device that works in the background like a FitBit.

As a designer who has worked in e-commerce, I’ve also seen firsthand how big tech companies use our data to manipulate our behavior. I started wondering if there was a way to put that vast amount of data to good use for our own well-being. This led me to this wonderful Quantified Self community and the realization that a lot of problems can be solved through understanding our own behavior.

Inspired by Kelly_Finn 's comment and Wolfram’s Personal Analytics, I’ve been working on a tool that allows you to store, organize, and understand your digital footprint from a single place, using data exported from apps like Facebook. The tool also offers personalized reports and dashboard to empower you to take action on your own well-being.

I would love to get your feedback and thoughts on this project, and if you’re interested, you can sign up for early access on the landing page. Hopefully, I’m heading in the right direction.




This is amazing. We need someone like you to help our founder at the nonprofit Thanks for building something with a goal of helping people understand their data value, instead of pilfering it for your own intentions like for-profits have the habit of doing.


I signed up for early access. (I have a project I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite gotten the momentum to attempt: Analyze my Twitter Follows/Unfollows to see how my interests have changed, and better manage what I’m influenced by.)

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I saw you gave up on the project, would be amazing if you could contribute to the community and make the APPs open source !

Very interesting project ! Even more so that you claim data is stored locally, so +1 for privacy and security.
Would be interesting to see this open-sourced or at least allowing for users to contribute open-source modules for integrations they needed akin to what happens with HPI, Nomie or more simply Logseq !

Finally, I think you would benefit of communicating/joining forces with: ChatAnalytics since it is open source.

Why do you think they gave up?
I saw no announcement about that, and there’s still recent activity in Github: GitHub - metriport/metriport: Metriport is an open-source universal API for healthcare data.

So what happened is that they stopped updating the app since July 2022.
They did not give any kind of updates to the community until various users posted on their subreddit what the future of the app was:

Besides, around Oct 2022 users found for themselves that the Metriport site changed completely and that they were changing the project to “going toward an Universal API for Healthcare Data,”, with still no update from the team.

Only in December 2022, Metriport team decided to post an update in their subreddit explaining that they gave up on the app and completely changed the project to be an open-source Health API (An update from the Metriport team - r/metriport).
So yes, what you see in their Github is the Metriport project that was converted into the API, but the app and their users (who paid) were completely ignored. The app still can be found in google play:

My only hope is that, since the app is no longer being developed, they at least open-source it to give back to the community since it was well built !