QS17 Roommates and Travel Planning

Looking to cut down on costs while staying in Amsterdam for QS17? This thread is the space for attendees to connect with one another for sharing a Casa 400 room. Post here to let people know that you are looking for a roommate. Or use this thread to find a potential room buddy. We really encourage you to stay at the hotel, which is very nice, not too expensive, and gives us all a chance to socialize at the end of the day.


When’s Amsterdam QS17 being held? Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Working today on final details! Will be able to post them here tonight (I hope).

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Whoops forgot to post this! Latest info on QS17 IS HERE:

JUNE 17/18 2017 - AMSTERDAM

Hi all,

I’ve just booked a twin room for 3 nights at the Casa hotel Fri -> Monday (16-19) if anyone interested in sharing?

Total price 327. No issues if you’re only sharing for 2 of the nights :slight_smile:

See you in June!

Hey Justin, I am interested in sharing! So 327/2? 163,5 p.p.? I am not sure if ill stay until Monday btw.

Great! :slight_smile:

No issues if you’re not staying all 3 nights - only pay for when you’re staying - (327 / 6) * (num nights)

This room is now known as The Justins.


Does anyone know when the conference will start on saturday?


I got a twin room at Hotel Casa. My checkin is Thursday, 6/15 and checkout is Tuesday, 6/20.

I’m open to having a roommate for any or all nights! I’m generally clean and quiet. Also, it would be cool to explore the city with anyone as it is my first time.

The price for the room is 109 Euro per night, not including tax. If you want to stay with me, just pay me half for the shared nights when you arrive.


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The start time will probably be 9 am, with coffee and registration from 8 am on.

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Will the talks be posted? (at least the slides?)

hi, justin. this mike. i’m a researcher from the university of nottingham, and am looking for two nights’ stay on 16 and 17 june at the moment. i may possibly stay on for another night, depending on my schedule, which will be fixed later. so are there still vacancies in your room or have they been taken up ? cheers.
ps i will arrive late on 16 june from london at around 12 am. will that bother you ?

Within a month or two we should have all the Show&Tell talks posted.

Hi Mike, if Justin’s room is taken, I have availability!

hi greg, thanks for your information. i have just fixed my schedule, and i’m glad to know that you would like to share your room with me. so would it be possible for me to stay in your room for 16 and 17 june ? i will be heading to nijmegan on 18 june’s afternoon. cheers !

Sounds great! I just sent you a direct message.

Hi all,

I booked a twin room (109 EUR) for Friday 16th and Saturday 17th if someone wants to share with me and reduce costs let me know! Jacqueline

The special room rate at the hotel for QS17 is expired,but we may have one or two held under our own QS account at the cheaper rate. So if you don’t have a room booked yet at Casa, let us know by emailing Erica Tanamachi.(erica@quantifiedself.com)

Hello Jacqueline,

I just booked my ticket for the conference. I was already on QS 2013, so this is my second time. I don’t have a room yet, so I am happy share yours. I land in Eindhoven on Friday at 13:05. I’m not sure you can send messages on this forum (I just registered), so you can find me on Facebook (Omega Terus).