[Requesting Review] Managing IBS Through Lightweight Daily Tracking

I am in the midst of putting together a paper describing how i manage IBS symptoms (mostly abdominal pain) through daily tracking using a google spreadsheet and an android app. I would really like constructive feedback on the paper. Consider it to be 80% complete. Also, suggestions on where to submit the paper to would be helpful.

EDIT 1: 4/3/2017 Updated some low hanging fruit.
EDIT 2: 4/3/2017 Updated filenames in github so this will always be the latest version.

Draft v4 attached. https://github.com/isaacgerg/health_analysis/blob/master/manuscript/Managing_IBS_Through_Lightweight_Tracking.pdf

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In terms of publication venue, you might want to contact the poster here as she might have an idea about other conferences or workshops. Good luck!

Hi Isaac, This is also likely to be interesting to Julie Kientz and her group at University of Washington:


Let me know if you’d like an intro.

Hi Gary, I would love an introduction. I’m happy to do it via email, skype, or phone – whatever easiest for you. Best Regards,