Self research panel video: Getting Started – Tips & Challenges

I wanted to share our video recording of an amazing online panel discussion we had last week about self research & let you know about our next meeting on March 10!

Getting Started – Tips & Challenges

Our Feb 24 meeting was a “panel of ourselves”, where we discussed Meeting attendees (beyond myself!) were @Agaricus, @Steven_Jonas, @sskaye, @gedankenstuecke, Liz Salmi (aka TheLizArmy), Rogier Koning (Nobism project) and Katarzyna Wac (Quality of Life technologies lab). The conversation was brilliant, and a special “thank you” to Gary and Steven for bringing in broader lessons from their experiences with Quantified Self folks.

March 10 meeting

We’re planning the same format for our Open Humans community call on March 10.

The topic is “From individual to collective self-research”: How do people translate individual ideas and efforts to work that involves others? This can include shared & re-used methods, tools, and analyses, to aggregating data for collective insight. We’ll invite attendees to participate as a panel of ourselves, and we’ll be recording the conversation to share everyone’s questions and insights with others.

You’re welcome to take part! Meeting info:

Keating Memorial

@gedankenstuecke shared it already, but the Keating Memorial Self Research is ongoing & new folks are always welcome. Feel free to browse self research logs and one-off reports! If you’re interested in joining, you can join the activity here:

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