Slack channel for QS

Has anyone started a slack channel for QS? Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Great Bob! I need an invite link, can you please send that link out to me to register? Thanks!

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Ditto. We need invites…

Have some help for us @Dan_Dascalescu ? Thanks!

@maxaura, I believe the message volume is too small at the moment to split the community in yet another online location - we already have Facebook, various Meetup groups, and some Google groups.

However, if folks want to join the Slack channel, it’s all up to them and Bob :slightly_smiling:

On a related topic, ideas on bringing more users to the forum would be most welcome.


Invites coming! (I mostly read the forum, appreciate the other channels but we just get behind on maintenance and invites for them sometimes.)

You missed the Slack train; there was a lot of activity on the QS Slack early last year, but now that Slack is no longer a shiny new tool, it’s pretty quiet. I still think Slack could be a great tool during conferences, or for people who want to collaborate on a project, but it’s not a good substitute for a forum like this one.

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I’d like an invite as well @QuantifiedBob. Do you need my email or do you send it through the forum?

Unfortunately, only admins can send out invites to the Slack channel. @Agaricus @Steven_Jonas can either of you help @10ch out?

I’ve sent Max and Beck invites. Feel free to participate! As Dan mentioned, we don’t have the time right now to actively manage more than one community channel, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t useful. The Facebook group ( pretty much runs itself. The Slack channel is pretty quiet, but if you like using Slack you’re welcome to get it going.

You can request invites by posting here, and I will try to keep up!

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Hi Callie, probably too late now, sorry I missed this request many months ago when it was made! But I did send an invite. The Slack channel is very quiet, perhaps some new users will revive it, it’s yours to play around with if you like.

Can I get an invite too.


Hi Elo - you should see an email invite.

Hi, would also like an invite if the group is active :slight_smile:


Also would like an invite!!