Suggestions for wearable tracker for sleep, temperature, and heart rate?

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a wearable tracker to quantify and manage my hypothyroidism. I’m having some difficulty looking through the options. Often their websites aren’t clear about what exactly is tracked and how much access to the data I would have. I’m hoping that someone can give me suggestions as to which products to look at.

My requirements for a tracker are:

  1. It tracks sleep (nighttime and naps)
  2. It tracks absolute body temperature (not relative to a baseline, because I expect my baseline to change over time)
  3. It tracks heart rate
  4. I can export the “raw data” (each individual temperature and heart rate measurement, and when I was asleep)

I don’t care about the display or smart features like being able to answer calls/texts on the device. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated! Thanks!

A Fitbit watch would cover all but body temperature. I have not heard of a tracker that includes body temperature. Following the thread to learn about a device that does!

Oura Ring and Whoop both measure temperature, but only tell you deviations from a baseline that they calculate. There’s no way to get the absolute temperature measurements, as far as I know.
On second thought I am thinking it may be better for me to measure core temperature rather than skin temperature. I saw something a while back that described someone using these sensors that look like coin batteries to measure body temperature. I will post it here when I managed to find it.

We made a list about these things, with all of them here.

Having said that:

-Body temperature: I believe it’s WHOOP, OURA, Apple Samsung
-Heart rate and Sleep - all - but Apple’s battery is too little.

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The body temp expert here on the forum is @ejain. Here’s a long thread from when he started his long term body temp tracking project:


iButtons were the coin battery like sensors I was thinking of. Described here: Hot Stuff: Body Temperature Tracking and Ovulatory Cycles - Quantified Self