Tracktacular - tracking multiple things in one place

Hi guys,

I’m the owner of, a life logging site designed to track your life in one place. I built it because I felt very disorganized tracking different parts of my life in different places, and instead wanted one site to pull everything together. The site focuses on more macro than micro tracking - things like tasks, goals, dreams, cholesterol, books, restauraunts etc. Its right up the alley for quantified selfers.

Before you ask, privacy is always a concern with a site like this, so from the start I decided never to share personal data with advertisers or marketers. All user data is encrypted, and stuff can be shared only if you make them public.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in, please feel free to give it a try or send me feedback. I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Wow. The amount of features on that website is quiet impressive. You have a section for EVERYTHING! Huge props to you because that must’ve taken a while to build.

Why thank you! It didn’t always have this many features of course, I started out with only the Task Tracker and added more and more over the years. I’d like to add either a Travel or Ailment (sicknesses, surgeries) tracker next.

I appreciate the props!