University Research Survey for longterm ECG device & tracking quality improvments


Do you or your family member have a heart condition and, therefore, require regular ECG examinations? Would you like to learn more about an innovative device that helps to detect cardiac arrhythmias, which can lead to heart failure or strokes, at an early stage?

We invite you to watch a 1 min video ( and complete this anonymous survey to support a life saving cause impacting individuals like yourself.

To the survey:

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I have a cardiac arrythmia that I’ve been tracking for some time. Here’s a link to my Project Log: Triggers of Arrhythmia. I’ve filled out the survey. I could not determine from the video what the data access policies are. This is important!

Looks like a good device! What is the price? How easy is it to wash? How many leads? Analysis included or will have to use something like FOSS heart rate analysis software?

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