Zeo Sleep Monitor - Android Data Export

The ZeoCompanion App is nearly done. Its turned into a bigger project than I thought. I have been stuck in my house while remodeling is done, so thats given me alot of time to work on it.

The ZeoCompanion app will provide:

  1. Automated daily email export of Zeo CSV data or snapshot images
  2. Manual email or other sharing of Zeo CSV data exports or snapshot images
  3. More basic analytics of daily sleep history and showing the 30-sec hypnogram
  4. A dashboard with trend-over-time basic analytics
  5. A sleep journal that extends and is more customizable than what was formerly on myZeo.com, including tracking of going-to-sleep problems and nighttime-wakeups; its integrated into the CSV export. Gibson’s Healthy Sleep Formula is also integrated into the journal.
  6. Optional (not for the feint-of-heart) tool that provides direct access to the headband (and could be used eventually to complete eliminate the need for the existing Zeo App).

I’ll likely start a new thread here when it’s first release is ready some time next week. It will be open-source and posted to GitHub then as well.


Really Impressive. I bet Steve and everyone using the Zeo for Sleep Monitoring will be pleased to adopt this as the best tool for their research. I will be very interested in trying it too. Can’t wait to see it!

Version 0.9.5a of the App is now available. Please see thread

Anything for IOS devices?

Sorry no. iOS and Android are written in two separate languages, so I cannot just “compile” the ZeoCompanion App for use on iOS. Also, the ZeoCompanion relies on the Zeo Mobile Android App to access the headband, and since the Zeo Mobile iOS App is gone, there would be no data for an iOS-based ZeoCompanion App to access.