Personal risk management. What to track and how?

Management of risks

1. Management planning (plan)
-Method set
-Budget for risk management
-Frequency of control procedures
-Threshold criteria for risk recognition
-Report formats and templates
-Risk Management Plan
-Risk Register

2. Risk identification

Risk identification

2.1 External
-Unpredictable (not controllable)
-Political events
-Natural disasters
-Man-made disasters

Predictable (not controllable)
-Price spikes
-Currency fluctuations

2.2. External non-technical
-Changing customer needs
-Funding delays

2.3 Technical
-End of product support
-Difficulty in applying new technology

2.4. Regulatory
-Customs duties

2.5 Internal risks Individual

3. Risk assessment

-Qualitative Analysis
-Determining the likelihood of risk exposure
-Probability and Consequence Matrix
-Assessing the qualities of these risks
-Risk classification
-Assessing the urgency of responding to risks
-Risk register (update)
-Quantitative Analysis
-Data collection and presentation methods
-Quantitative analysis and modeling
-Risk register (update)
-Impact assessment

4. Response planning

-Threat response strategy (negative risks)
-Risk avoidance evasion
-Minimizing risks reducing the likelihood of occurrence
-Transfer of risks to a third party (insurance)
-Opportunity Response Strategy
-Overall strategy for responding to threats and opportunities
-Risk taking
-Contingency response strategy
-Creation of reserves
-Risk register (update)
-Project management (update)
-Contractual agreements relating to risks

5. Monitoring and control

-Reports on the progress of work implementation of the risk management plan
-Risk audit (assessment of the effectiveness of the plan)
-Analysis of deviations and trends
-Technical measurement of execution
-Reserve analysis
-Current Status Meetings
-Monitoring of risk events
-Identification of new risks (registry update)
-Efficiency mark
-Plan adjustment

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Personal risk management
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